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The World’s First Stackable Coding Robot for STEM Learning.

TacoBot’s screen-free keypress programming and graphical programming can cater to children aged 4+.

49 in stock (can be backordered)

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TacoBot is a modular robot designed to help children (aged 4-8) learn to understand STEM knowledge and programming while developing their technology awareness and logical thinking. Children can stack different functional robots with different modules like stacking Hanoi Towers.


TacoBot’s original stackable interface mode and four-layer body structure enable children to have a clearer understanding of the product, which is simple and friendly to children and popular with preschoolers.


Different functions can be created by combining different components. There are five functions of different hat, respectively is the tracking hat, the ultrasonic hat, the sound hat, the infrared hat, and the button hat.

  • The tracking hat allows TacoBot to travel along the route, move within the boundary, and avoid falling.
  • The ultrasonic hat allows TacoBot to detect distance in order to follow and avoid obstacles.
  • The sound hat allows TacoBot to recognize sounds and react to them according to the volume and decibel level.
  • Like the ordinary remote control, the infrared remote control can control TacoBot’s behavior by sending signals to the infrared hat.
  • Each button on the button hat corresponds to a movement. Press the buttons to enter the movements TacoBot needs to perform, click the execution key in the centre after the input, and TacoBot will perform the corresponding movement.


It took one year from the design of TacoBot to the prototype test, and it launched Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns respectively in 2018 and received lots of support. Mass production had been achieved in December the same year and successfully delivered in January 2019.


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